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Forest honey is also referred to as honeydew honey. This is different from blossom honey in that bees collect secretions on the bark of certain tree species to make their honey rather than collect it from flowers. Forest -  or honeydew - honey varieties are higher in minerals, and rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. It’s also darker in color, more complex in taste, less sweet, and has a lower moisture content than blossom honeys. For this reason, most forest honeys are slow to crystallize and some may never crystallize at all.

Always store honey at room temperature, with the lid tightly sealed to keep moisture and other contaminants out. No double dipping!

Crystallization is a natural process of pure, raw and unfiltered honey and may occur. However, it does not affect the quality or nutritional value of the honey. Some people actually prefer the texture of crystallized honey! Honeydew honeys - like our Fir, Pine and Oak varieties - are naturally lower in moisture and sugar and more resistant to crystallization. Should your honey crystallize, place the jar in a warm water bath (not more than 100 degrees) until the crystals melt and it re-liquifies.

Natural, properly preserved honey never expires! Fun fact: archeologists found honey thousands of years old in ancient Egyptian tombs and it was still good! Because our honey is imported from Greece, we are required by European Union guidelines to include an expiration date. 

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