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about portoula

The name portoula, or “little door”, was inspired by the curiously tiny doors that captivated me as a young girl in our small Greek village, and the brightly colored doors that punctuate the Greek island streetscape. Each one unique and utterly enchanting, they seem to beckon; to invite you in, to look closer and appreciate.

The same is true of shopping in Greece. Everywhere from outdoor markets to boutiques and galleries, I am captivated: by a hand-embroidered detail to run my fingers across; exquisite textile designs; organically shaped pottery, the feeling of pure Greek cotton, or the taste of a carefully preserved summer fruit. Each elicits an arresting sensory response that can’t be forgotten.

Greece truly leaves an imprint on the soul for which there are no words, so I created portoula to show you. My sheer delight in discovering each of these treasures is rivaled only by the joy it gives me to bring them to you. And like Greece, which never fails in finding new ways to capture my heart, our ever-evolving collection will reward you for returning again and again!

My cute dad!